Peeled and rounded poles

Our main types of production are peeled and rounded poles that are custom dried or impregnated as the client wishes. The finished products are mainly exported to European market – to Great Britain and Ireland – but we also offer our products to the local companies and individuals. Rounded and peeled poles are widely used for fences, pasture grounds, orchard tree securing, as pond bank barriers, as well as for children swings and playgrounds.

Rounded and peeled poles are packaged, but you can also custom purchase a small amount of poles.

In addition, we have started to provide services of wood drying and impregnation.

It is possible to dry the poles in the company’s driers, where the combined drying power is 110 m3 in one cycle.

From the summer of 2019 you can purchase impregnated poles that are chemically treated in a vacuum and will last considerably longer. The best results are achieved by drying the wood in the drier at first and then impregnating it in a high-pressure autoclave. As the chemical solution penetrates into the wood, the poles become more durable and will last longer. Our company works with reliable collaboration partners in wood supply. By using the transfer system, the purchased uncertified source materials are separated in all production processes.


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