Talsu mežrūpniecība

Talsu mežrūpniecība Plc. is located in the North-West of Kurzeme, Talsi County, Town of Stende. If you are arriving in Stende from Talsi side, you will find the company on the left side of Brīvības Street, where it has been for a long time, and takes up a territory of more than 7 ha.

A little insight into the company’s history

Our company acquires the wood for production processes by participating in the contests organized by PLC “Latvijas Valsts Meži”, in auctions and in tenders.

Our market collaboration partners for the finished production are companies from Great Britain, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and also Latvia.

As the demand for dried wood products increased, in 2016 we started drying wood products by installing two drying chambers.

Our company continued its development and in 2019 purchased wood impregnation machine “SHOLZ” Pressure/Vacuum-Impregnating PL, which allows us to offer the clients poles with better durability and longer lifespan.